About ATM Online

Today data is the new magic. With it you can build new worlds or make existing world better. Harnessing the power of information ATM Online is perfecting the world of consumer finance. Holistic scoring and highly predictive models guarantee maximum comfort for customers and best return for investors.

Apart from data magic our services are built on one of world’s best operational platform that leaves no process behind. Complete transparency and genuine scalability make running multiple markets an easy task. One interface, one quality standard.

Our tools
  • Digital Finance
    Every touchpoint, every step in our customers’ experience is digital. The only material step – is how our customer spends the money.
  • Remote Underwriting & KYC
    Our risk team cooperates with payment providers to outsource traditional banking KYC procedure. With automated phone verification process we enjoy a times increase productivity of remote underwriting teams.
  • Data Science & Scoring
    We analyze thousands of data points from social media public data and 3rd party suppliers’ data in traditional mathematic and modern AI algorithms to forecast customers’ repayment behavior.
  • Digital Marketing
    Self learning marketing campaigns work daily to optimize spends and get valued customers. Experienced marketeers also analyze results daily in three continents to find patterns and similarities for better results prediction.
ATM Online story

Back 2015 few people from different backgrounds were drawn together by one idea: Asia is a spearhead of fintech development. Their ambition was to get into the vibrant world of rapidly evolving processing of data. To learn, to practice and to try something new – this is what they wanted and this is what they actually did in Vietnam, China, Philippines and Indonesia.

In 2017 they formulated a new great idea: build a service based on their experience, free from restrictions and fears, powered on world’s latest technologies. And approved by customers.